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Giving on a Tight Budget

In this challenging time, finances are tight for many people. They want to do good in their communities, but don’t have much extra money to give to causes. In those years when you’re trying to get established, every cent counts. However, there are numerous ways to make a difference, even if your budget is tight.

Here are a few ways to give to nonprofits when you don’t have much disposable income.

Donating a little each week (or month) adds up.

It may not seem like much, but if you donate $5 a week, you’re giving $20 a month, and that ends up being $240 a year. If you’re able to give $10 a week, that adds up to $480 a year. That’s definitely more than nothing! Your donations don't always have to be huge; you can make a difference little by little. NEDDIE keeps track of your giving, so over time, you’ll see your overall impact and get rewarded!

Spread the word about the causes that matter to you.

Increasing awareness of nonprofits you love gives your community a chance to donate and share as well. Sharing campaigns on social media or telling your friends about fundraisers or volunteer opportunities lets you share that passion with them and teaches them how to get involved, which they’ll thank you for. There’s so much need in the world and so much more we can be doing about it––here’s a great step in the right direction! Educating people on causes and ways to get involved is a simple and free way to further your cause.

Volunteer your time.

Photo by Joel Muniz

There are many opportunities to donate your time and skills. Many of the nonprofits NEDDIE works with have options for remote volunteering. See our last blog post for a few examples! There are countless ways to help others without even leaving your home.

Additionally, your local food bank or homeless shelter might have opportunities for you to get involved!

Ask if your employer will match donations.

Some companies have policies that let them match employee donations to nonprofits. Starbucks, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Boeing, and Alaska Airlines are a few employers who do this. Ask and see if your company will match your donations today! There are a lot of funds going to waste because people don't know that this is an option.

Double the Donation is a helpful tool to see if your company will match gifts.

Examine your budget, see what you’re spending money on, and find room to give.

Making your cup of coffee at home or bringing lunch to work instead of buying it can free up some funds to give to causes that matter to you! If you do these things once or twice a week you’ll be astounded at what a difference it makes. Also, cutting those little costs gives you more control over your budget, which always feels good. Here are a couple of budgeting tools to get you started:

Also, many people don't know that when they give to nonprofit entities, they can use their receipt to get incentives on their tax return.

Every little bit counts!

It’s easy to feel like you can’t give on a tight budget, but every little bit counts! If something really matters to you, you can find a way to give. Getting creative with it is how we’ve survived the pandemic; why not carry that flexible mindset over to our donating?

We want to hear from you: how do you contribute when you don’t have much money to give?

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