Jeffrey Garcia

Nonprofit Partner

"There are many websites out there that claim to help Nonprofits connect with potential sponsors and donors. And as a new NPO that needs plenty of financial help, my organization has joined many of these websites.

What separates NEDDIE from the rest is the results! In less than a month, we have reached one of our fundraisers' goals."



"The platform is pretty easy to navigate the different causes. With so much negativity that is happening I’m glad there are things like NEDDIE that you can find causes that you can help support."

Yanira Ocasio

Nonprofit Partner

"I had a great opportunity to meet with the founder, Laura, and also with Stephanie on various occasions. During these meetings, I was able to get to know their values and commitment to help nonprofits. I also saw how diligently and hardworking they are in order to meet their goals.

The Neddie team took time out of their busy schedules to help us."