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NEDDIE For Charities

Multiply your funding opportunities 

Creating a profile on NEDDIE is free

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Expand your donor reach

Donors can easily find your organization through our focused charity and fundraiser search engine

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Ways to receive donations

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Receive donations based on your organization's needs.
Create fundraisers, add wishlists, share your marketplace or receive direct donations.

Track donations and manage donor data 

Easily manage donations, download reports, and stay connected to donors through our donation tracker. 

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Accelerate your grant search with NEDDIE's Grant Central

Find grants and apply all in one place.
Be informed of deadlines. Easily search based on your criteria, amounts, location and more. 

Receive monthly grant opportunities,
access foundation data and contact information, and connect with grant writers.

Get 14 Days Free Trial
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Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers For Good is powered by the voices and platforms of influencers and their incredible talents and missions. This program is an effective marketing strategy that will put your organization on the map.

"During our partnership with NEDDIE of #GivingTuesday we managed to raise a total of $5,157.78 for another family's rehabilitation. It has to be emphasized that without your help this wouldn't have been possible.

Your constant support motivates us to continue our mission. Thank you!"

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Amarilis G.

Techos Pa' Mi Gente

Join The NEDDIE Charity Community

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Over 100 charities are part of our community.

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To learn more about NEDDIE for Charities or answers to any question, head on to our 

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