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Our Mission
Through meaningful and transparent connections make philanthropy accessible to everyone

Our Vision 
To be the social impact platform where everyone can easily find trusted causes that matter to them, be empowered to choose how to help, and create long lasting connections with the causes they love

Meet The Team

Our Story


Laura Cancel

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Founder & CEO

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Aimee Carpenter

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Board of Advisors, 
CEO at SolTerra Solar


Kay Chau

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Board of Advisors,
Tech Executive at Technology Coalition


Stephanie Cancel

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Sales & Marketing Manager

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Barbie Seifert

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Board of Advisors, 
Chief Advancement Officer at Junior Achievement


Our CEO and Founder, Laura Cancel delivering aid to a family that lost their home after hurricane Maria.

"The idea of NEDDIE was born in 2018, a year after hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. In 2017, after the hurricane, thousands of Puerto Ricans in the United States were desperate trying to help but didn't know how. I was one of them. Along with a group of Puerto Ricans in Seattle, I founded a nonprofit to help families in Puerto Rico.
This could've been avoided if we had the right online tools to provide help."

The Problem
Many people struggle finding where to help when its needed. Something our very own CEO experienced in 2017 when hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Thousands of Puerto Ricans in the diaspora were trying to help but didn't know where to start. People had to recur to social media posts or ads to find charities. 

During multiple user tests and research, dozens of users stated their limitations with philanthropy, especially surrounding access, trustworthiness, and lack of choices. Consequently, nonprofits struggle to find support outside their own communities. 

The Solution
At NEDDIE, we are bridging the gap between donors and nonprofits, making philanthropy accessible to everyone. Our nonprofit marketplace provides donors an intuitive charity search engine, multiple ways to help and a fast and easy way to make an impact. Now nonprofits have the exposure they need to grow their business and achieve their mission's goals.

The Evolution
Right now people are more involved on social good than ever before. Charitable giving has increased year over year, with a steady 5%-6% increase. In 2020, charitable giving hit an all time high of $471B. Also, people's trust on using online resources has increased. After the pandemic we have become more "online dependent". Social media and fast access to information has made us aware of issues, movements, and has connected us to people that need help. 

NEDDIE is a social impact platform where everyone can easily find trusted nonprofits and be empowered to choose how to help. A place where nonprofits get the exposure they need and continue their mission of helping people efficiently. NEDDIE gives everyone access to meaningful causes in their communities. We are the bridge that connects people helping people.

Nonprofits in the NEDDIE Community

Our nonprofit community continues growing everyday.
Click on the images below to learn about the nonprofits that are impacting our communities.