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Everyday Heroes, People Like You And Me

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

This week, NEDDIE wants to showcase members from our community who exemplify the spirit of social impact. These are our everyday heroes, demonstrating acts of generosity, kindness, and initiative. Their stories provide inspiration for all those who seek to contribute to their communities in meaningful ways.

Seattle, WA

Aimee, who is a small business owner and advocate for solar energy, has made a long-term commitment to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washington. She has mentored the same "Little" for 2 years and says that she gets as much if not more out of their time together than her "Little" does. They spend time cooking, dancing, hiking, and talking about future goals.

“I read once that young people excel so much more when they have a minimum of two adults in their lives that care about them and show up consistently.”

By providing support and guidance for our youth, we make an investment not only in young people but in our collective futures. If you're interested in donating or becoming a Big Brother or a Big Sisters, visit Big Brothers Big Sisters of America today.


Mother and son smiling

Issaquah, WA

Maria is a wealth advisor who enjoys teaching her son to be part of a community. The mother-son duo has been feeding protesters and families during the pandemic as well as sending essentials to those effected by the fires. They are also looking forward to starting their toy drive for Seattle’s Children’s Hospital during Christmas.

"Helping people feeds my soul.”

Do you want to support children's medicine and research like this dynamo team? Donate, volunteer, or fundraise at Seattle Children's Hospital!


Austin, TX

Rey is a small business owner who recruits and employs immigrants and advocates on their behalf. This year under the pandemic, his company has provided jobs for over 3,000 people. By giving immigrants access to the American dream, Rey exemplifies the type of purposeful acts we can make to support the causes nearest and dearest to our hearts.

"We are proud of the company we have built but we are even prouder of the impact we have created in our community."

If you would like to support immigrant causes, consider donating to the American Immigration Council.


NEDDIE is grateful to our community activists who remain steadfast in their support of important causes and act as shining lights of positivity in a time of crisis. Thank you for your dedication!

Do you want to be an everyday hero too? At NEDDIE, you can search through our database of nonprofits and find the right cause for you. Then, you decide how you want to engage with your cause. Preregister today before we launch next week!

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