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How NEDDIE is Changing the Status Quo

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

In a world where our boundaries are constantly pushed by inequities, nonprofits and individuals have been at the forefront of change in philanthropy. But times are changing and the nonprofit industry has to keep up and continue engaging with our ever-changing donors. NEDDIE was created to fill the gap between tech and philanthropy.

NEDDIE is a tech company that help nonprofits and donors (and soon, businesses) by providing the tools they need to make a difference in the world. Our mission is to empower everyone to make a difference through our simple and transparent platform. Founder and CEO Laura Cancel started a nonprofit to provide aid after the catastrophic Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, where she’s from. But she quickly realized that even though her nonprofit helped thousands of people, she couldn’t help everyone by herself. She realized that to make a bigger impact, she had to help those who were already helping: nonprofits.

We’re a tech company because the nonprofit industry needs new software and technology to help facilitate becoming relevant and marketable. We want to be an integral point of connection that provides tools that nonprofits truly need. We believe that nonprofits need a new way to connect with people. We want to help show the world all the work they're doing, so we are creating a platform with helpful tools for them. Nonprofits do such crucial work; they deserve simple and accessible resources. The community needs to recognize the importance of nonprofits and contribute to their success, and we're here to make that connection.

NEDDIE was created to provide nonprofits with the tools they needed to succeed, and to help connect them with donors and businesses interested in philanthropy.

For individuals, it’s hard to know if you can trust the charities and organizations you donate to, so we have vetted and checked each of our nonprofits to make sure that you can trust it with your resources. Transparency and trust are vital to the way we operate. Every dollar you donate at NEDDIE goes where you expect it to go. And we’re always launching more ways to give because your preferences matter to us. We want to make your experience donating or serving as simple and pleasant as possible. Soon, donors can volunteer or donate their skills and even share a picture to their friends on social media! We are making donating fun while making a big impact for social good.

Our dedicated team is what keeps this company running. Each team member believes wholeheartedly in NEDDIE’s mission of helping everyone. Without this group, we couldn't get off the ground. Here's why they care about this mission in their own words.

"I believe in this mission because I believe that NEDDIE will be the first social media app dedicated to elevating people’s lives through social change and community support."

— John Craig, Marketing and Data Analytics Intern

“I believe in NEDDIE's mission because there is no other platform that is helping people by bridging the gap between nonprofit and donor. NEDDIE is… operating differently when it comes to helping people in need. The platform itself is made for donors and nonprofits. In the future, this is where donors and nonprofits will be able to communicate directly and freely. This is very exciting because it is something I haven't seen any [other] companies do.”

— Aaron Dasani, Full Stack Developer

“I believe that nonprofits really do need tools they’re not getting, and I think that NEDDIE can provide those connections. This platform is working to make change, and it’s really exciting to see the growth and potential of NEDDIE coming to life. Our team truly believes in this mission, and we’re making an impact together.”

— Kate Dieda, Content Writer Intern

For nonprofits, we offer marketing assistance, budgeting tools, analytics, data, exposure, communications, and a clean and modern platform to bring in donors, among other things. We want to make sure you’re received well by the community, and we’re here to help you through the process!

For donors, we offer flexibility in how you get involved. You can donate funds, use nonprofits’ marketplaces and wishlists, and donate to fundraisers. We’re still launching some of our features, like volunteering and “Events Near Me,” so stay on the lookout for those! We’re also tracking your donations so you can get rewarded for giving.

If you have any questions about what NEDDIE is or how it functions, please send us an email at or chat with us on social media. We would love to answer any questions you may have.


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