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How One Advocate Is Shaping A Voting Nation

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Americans are about to decide our nation’s course for the next four years. As we prepare to cast our ballots, it’s important to recognize the importance of exercising this hard-won right. We may stand divided on the issues and the candidates but together we can take one of the most significant collective actions our forefathers, suffragists, and civil rights advocates granted us. Be sure to vote!

To mark this upcoming Election Day, NEDDIE spotlights one of our community members who has been volunteering her time to advocate for voting rights and encourage people to vote. Thank you Milonie and all of our community activists and nonprofits who continue the important work of supporting our right to vote.

Milonie’s Story

Milonie poses with a landscape in the background

Milonie works in Employee Relations and spends her time outside of work supporting community engagement activities and social justice causes. While staying at home during the pandemic, Milonie joined Vote Forward to send postcards to hundreds of unregistered Americans in swing states to encourage them to vote in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Also, through Protect the Vote, Milonie spread awareness to protect Americans from restrictive election laws, COVID-related voting disruptions, or anything else that could silence their voices. She looks forward to seeing Americans exercise their right to vote on November 3!


Here are some of the organizations that are advocating for voters and navigating government channels on behalf of citizens.

League of Education Voters logo graphic

The League of Education Voters works with families, educators, and our government to ensure that Washington state students have access to the best possible public education. Check out their profile on NEDDIE.

Vote Forward logo graphic

Vote Forward volunteers send heartfelt handwritten letters to unregistered and low-propensity voters encouraging them to participate in our democracy. The letters have been shown to significantly boost voter turnout.

Election Protection logo graphic

If you agree that every eligible voter deserves to have their voice count, you can take action from home or in person by serving as a nonpartisan Election Protection volunteer.

Will you sign up to be one of them?


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