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2021: Live Well, Give Well

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

It’s a new year, and as we enter this season of resolutions and building new habits, we consider once again the idea of giving. We all want to help those in need, but it can be hard to identify concrete actions we can take to actually make a difference in others’ lives.

How do we get started? There are millions of nonprofits out there; how can we truly make a difference in the world when we’re not even sure where the needs are? How do we know where to look or which nonprofits to trust?

If you need a place to start, think of the causes that matter to you. What problems are you passionate about solving? Does the housing crisis break your heart? Do you ache for the abandoned dogs and cats in shelters? Are you determined to help establish better education for all? Are you on fire to slow climate change? We want to help you to use your resources to support nonprofits whose mission you believe in.

If you have a specific cause on your mind, we’re here to help!

The search engine on NEDDIE’s homepage lets you use keywords to explore our partner nonprofits and find the ones you want to engage with. We partner with nonprofits in these areas:

  • Health

  • Animal Welfare

  • Education

  • Human Services

  • The Environment

  • Civil Rights

  • Housing/Community Development

  • Disaster Relief

  • Arts & Culture

We’re always adding new nonprofits to our site, so keep an eye out!

NEDDIE is here to help you give to the causes and the people who need it most.

Do you want to give in a more personal way than simply donating money? We want to give donors as many options as possible. Your donations are crucial in these uncertain times, and we’re your portal to find your cause.

There are several options for giving. You can:

  • Help our nonprofits reach their monetary goals

  • Use the Wishlist tool to give specific items to certain nonprofitsfor example, you can gift art supplies, masks, or toys to the Children’s Home Society of Washington (find their Wishlist here)

  • Visit nonprofits' Marketplaces on their profiles to find more ways to get involved–for example, the Relationship Foundation's marketplace page gives you the option of purchasing apparel to support their cause


  • Volunteer to help your favorite nonprofits

  • Look at "Events Near Me" and see how you can help out locally or online

Share your chosen nonprofits and spread the word!

Finally, you can get involved with others in your community who are also passionate about the causes you are. Share the nonprofits you love on social media and tell your community about them. This helps to spread awareness for these issues, and gives others the chance to give and share, too. Everyone wins!

If you still need guidance on how to serve your community, you can always reach out to us; we’re here to help. Just email us at and we’ll be happy to chat with you.

Your choice to donate can make a huge difference toward a cause worth fighting for! What do you want to know about donating and serving your community? Ask us in the comment section below!

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