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The benefits of Nonprofit-Corporate Partnership

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

In today’s climate of heightened social activism, it is more important than ever for businesses to employ corporate responsibility plans. By doing so, they not only support the important causes of the

day but raise the profile of their organizations. When businesses partner with nonprofits, big rewards are the outcome.

NEDDIE wants to help build these collaborations through its new platform. By

offering tools to grow organizations as well as relationships, NEDDIE aims to

contribute to social impact while bringing benefit for nonprofits, businesses,

and donors.

Given the recent hardships caused by COVID-19 and the calls for social justice, the timing is right for nonprofit-business partnerships to make impactful, enduring change. One of the companies already making a difference is Knorr, a food manufacturer, who has partnered with Vancouver based nonprofit, A Better Life Foundation. Together, they launched Sharpen Up Virtual, a digital platform that helps deliver food to those in need, then educates those people on nutrition and food preparation.

By providing their expertise and resources, businesses not only enable

nonprofits but also build corporate growth. A study by McKinsey confirmed

that business that issue corporate responsibility reports

increase their market growth, new product adoption, product innovation, as well as

operational efficiency.

Businesses can contribute to social and environmental impact in many

different ways, including reducing their carbon footprint; donating products,

services, or money; employee matching programs; and employee

volunteerism. By partnering with nonprofits, businesses can demonstrate

their leadership by engaging with the causes at the forefront of change.

See how NEDDIE’s platform promotes collaborations that yield the greatest

benefit for both nonprofits and businesses.

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