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The 4 New Trends For Social Impact In 2020

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

It has never been easier to engage in social impact. Nonprofits, businesses, and individuals recognize the importance of creating good in their communities and the world at large. With powerful tools such as social media, the impact we create can be greater than ever before. With one click of the mouse, you can donate to a cause. With a few more, you can volunteer for a nonprofit in your community. With virtual volunteering, you can even contribute to a nonprofit that is based a world away! Every day, people are creating and discovering new ways to effect positive change. Here are some of the companies making it easier than ever for you to get involved.

Photo by Brooke Cagle

Virtual Volunteering

If research is your thing, Zooniverse provides opportunities for you to work with higher learning institutions, historians, scientists, and other specialists on professional research projects. Volunteers have even contributed to important discoveries that have been published in research papers!

This nonprofit has built a community that enables volunteers to lend assistance to organizations across the US. In addition to COVID-19 related positions, they have created a special section of their website devoted to virtual volunteering, with a wide range of causes and roles available.

The All-in-One Platform

This fun and exciting new platform provide an all-around approach to giving. They aim to bring everyone - nonprofits, individuals, and businesses, together to collaborate on social impact. The slick interface gives easy access to trending causes and nonprofits, and enables individuals to choose how they engage with social impact. Having just opened their doors to the public after launching for nonprofits earlier this year, they are well on its way to becoming the social media platform for social impact.

Virtual Fundraising

GoFundMe has made fundraising more accessible than ever by providing a platform where just about anyone with a worthy cause can create a campaign. If you're looking for remarkable stories, you will find many here that you'll want to contribute to. There are numerous categories to choose from including medical, family, and volunteer-based fundraisers.

Social Media

We all get our daily dose of social media, but did you know that you can contribute to social impact while viewing your hashtags and likes? Social media platforms have recognized the growing importance of doing social good, and most have already adapted to include charity-focused features and programs. The simplest way to get involved is just by following, liking, and contributing to nonprofit profiles and causes you support. Additionally, you can check out these sites to see how you can participate in social media for social good:

Facebook: set up a fundraiser for your favorite nonprofit with support from this tech giant. Or contribute to the many campaigns that are already live.

Instagram: their Live Donations feature was recently introduced and enables people to fundraise for nonprofits while live streaming. This is in addition to their Donation Stickers for Stories, which enables individuals to easily highlight the nonprofits they are donating to.

Twitter for Good: see how tweeps contribute to social impact. You can follow along for some clever social impact ideas at #TwitterForGood, and share your thoughts.


With so many easily accessible options, how will you contribute to social impact today? Reach out and let us know at, or use the social media links below!

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