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Welcome To NEDDIE!

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The Digital Platform for Nonprofits Launches!

After years of research and months of hard work and development, NEDDIE is set to launch today! Our platform is built around the needs of nonprofits. With functionality for fundraising, donor engagement, marketing, and much more, we are providing the tools to help build exposure and success for your cause.

Come see all that NEDDIE has to offer! As we get ready to launch to donors in September, we welcome you to sign up for your free account today, build your public profile, and start exploring our donor engagement tools.

NEDDIE provides the resources to manage the vast array of enterprises necessary to support social impact causes so that organizations can focus on their missions. With upcoming enhancements, nonprofits will also have access to a robust automated dashboard to manage B2B collaborations, budgeting, marketing, donation analytics, and much more.

NEDDIE is YOUR platform! As nonprofits and NEDDIE grow together, we welcome your feedback on how we can improve and serve nonprofits in the most impactful way. NEDDIE aims to simplify the work that nonprofits do and make giving easier than ever before. We are cultivating a social network of giving that includes nonprofits, businesses and donors.

Come join us and let’s make meaningful changes together!

For a closer look at the platform, please visit our Youtube channel for our recent WEBINAR with NEDDIE CEO & Founder Laura Cancel:

"Why Change?"

"Why Now?"


Here are a few excerpts from the Webinar:

“Why Change?”

Right now, we have to adapt to the times that we are living in. It's a different era, we have different donors and different circumstances. It’s time for a shift.”

"Why Now?"

We are in the middle of a pandemic which has disrupted our lives and changed the way things operate. We need to keep up with the times and keep advancing.


NEDDIE is at the forefront of positive change. We are constantly adapting to the changing needs of nonprofits. Our mission is to design solutions to continually advance social impact causes.

And make sure to subscribe to our channel!

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