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Charities To Support This Giving Tuesday and How To Do It

Charities do an incredible job taking care of our community, advocating on societal issues, and helping in times of need. Giving Tuesday is a day to give back to them and help them continue to carry on their mission. Supporting these charities are a great way to be part of the Giving Tuesday Movement.

Make-A-Wish-Alaska & Washington Washington

This Seattle based hub from the renowned nationwide charity has granted thousands of wishes for children with critical illnesses for the last 35 years. They currently have 640 children awaiting for wishes across Washington & Alaska, an all-time high for their chapter! With current funding, they anticipate the ability to grant 405 of those wishes this year. They need support with funding for all children to have their wish come true.

To support Make-A-Wish Alaska & Washington click here.

Habitat For Humanity of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Habitat For Humanity of Puerto Rico has been helping families & individuals have stability, self-sufficiency, and a better future through affordable housing & development projects in Puerto Rico for 25 years. They are tackling and addressing the housing crisis in Puerto Rico to create a more secure future for low- and middle-income families.

To support Habitat For Humanity of Puerto Rico click here.

Ukulele Kids Club Florida

UKC has donated more than 15,000 ukuleles to children in hospitals around the world. They want to reach more children in the USA and help them use music to cope and heal. Their mission is to improve the well-being of medically fragile children around the world, through ukuleles and the support of music therapy.

To support Ukulele Kids Club click here.

Instituto Psicopedagogico de Puerto Rico (IPPR) Puerto Rico

IPPR has been providing services to adults with intellectual disabilities for 72 years. In Puerto Rico, people with developmental conditions, do not have many options to receive services that develop their independent living skills. The IPPR implements programs, which consists of offering independent living workshops that result in the health and well-being of this vulnerable population with special needs.

To support IPPR, click here.

"No one should go through homelessness alone"

Miracle Messages

California This award winning charity helps unhoused neighbors nationwide rebuild their social support systems and financial security through reunions and phone buddies. They have reconnected hundreds of people experiencing homelessness with their loved ones.

To support Miracle Messages, click here.

Puerto Rico Rise Up Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Rise Up has supported the Puerto Rican community through the economic crisis, COVID, and hurricane devastations. This time around they are committed to supporting college students in Puerto Rico facing financial challenges, striving to provide every student with a fair chance of success.

To support Puerto Rico Rise Up, click here.



This Filipino diaspora based charity is far away from their homeland but haven't forgotten their roots and their people. Every month they send clothes, food and needed items to vulnerable communities in the Philippines. They are fully transparent with their donors, always sharing their work and impact. This charity is very focused in each of their projects, only asking for donations based on what is needed.

To support 1in3out, click here.

Dream In Green Florida

Dream in Green is on a mission to empower individuals, especially youth, to lead in the response to climate change and other environmental challenges. They have served 340 unique schools and over 90,000 individuals, roughly 74,000 of which were K-12 students. They want to expand their programs to more schools and impact positively our environment through education.

To support Dream In Green, click here.

PRotechos Puerto Rico

PRoTechos rebuilds damaged roofs in underserved communities throughout Puerto Rico, while providing residents with basic carpentry training. With over 170 roofs rebuilt and 87 graduated apprentices, PRotechos aims to build a stronger Puerto Rico one roof at a time.

To support PRotechos, click here.

Asociación Mayaguezana de Personas con Discapacidades (AMPI) Puerto Rico

AMPI has been providing housing services for individuals with disabilities since December 2008. Currently, at 89% capacity, their residents, aged 23 to 68, require support due to their inability to live independently and manage daily needs without assistance. As a small 501c3 organization, AMPI must raise over $200,000 annually to fund necessary services like caregiving, meal preparation, transportation, personal care, medical coordination, and emotional support for the residents.

To support AMPI, click here.

Toa Tumaini


A U.S. charity that for 11 years has partnered with and empowered Tanzanian locals to provide free, quality education to children who have limited to no access to school. Their goal is to purchase land and build a free and reduced tuition school in rural Tanzania, to open both a nursery and primary school, eventually reaching around 300 students and employing a minimum of ten teachers. They are a small 100% volunteer team partnering with a local Tanzanian school called, Project Hope.

To support Toa Tumaini, click here.

Hogar Infantil Jesús Nazareno

Puerto Rico

For 36 years, the Hogar Infantil Jesús Nazareno (Children's Home), has provided services, a healthy environment and a loving home for children aged 3 years to 8 years who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect in Puerto Rico.

To support Hogar Infantil Jesus Nazareno, click here.

Bullying Recovery Resource Center (BRRC)


BRRC is dedicated to providing the resources, education & advocacy needed to stop bullying and stem the long-term effects bullying has on its targets. They provide hands-on advocacy for families of bullied children including: 1:1 support; legal support, disability support, education, filing with the office of civil rights and addressing school boards.

To support BRRC, click here.

True Self Foundation

Puerto Rico

Established in 2017, True Self Foundation is a charity that works to support LGBTQ+ communities in Puerto Rico. In 2021, the foundation allocated more than $120,000 in support of entrepreneurial projects, education, gender affirming surgeries, and legal and mental health services.

To support True Self Foundation, click here.

Sound Generations


Sound Generations is a charity serving aging adults and their loved ones. They have served their communities since 1967. Their staff and over 1,200 volunteers are dedicated to ensuring older adults can live ample and fulfilled lives in a communtiy that respects and affirms the aging journey.

They provide services such as supporting caregivers, home repair for elderly adults, and helping older adults with urgent financial expenses, among others. In 2021, they served 24,000 individuals in King County, Washington.

To support Sound Generations, click here.

Fundacion Comunitaria de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Community Foundation)

Puerto Rico

The Foundation is by the community and for the community, and it has allowed donors to contribute to the development of communities in Puerto Rico. Their programs support community development, renewable energy, sustainability, diveristy and inclusion programs, grants for charities and scholarships for students, and support to communities of first responders in times of unexpected challenges.

To support Fundacion Comunitaria de Puerto Rico, click here.

Techos Pa' Mi Gente (TPMG)

Puerto Rico

TPMG is a is a charity dedicated to construction of dignified roofs in communities affected by natural disasters. They have 400 registered volunteers who work on recovery efforts and have trained 182 volunteers in post-disaster construction topics. Since 2018, solely with volunteer hands and donations for materials, TPMG has repaired 77 roofs following FEMA's Guide for hurricane resistant homes.

To support Techos Pa' Mi Gente, click here.

Be part of the Giving Tuesday Movement that impacts billions of people worldwide every year.
Every year, NEDDIE launches a matching program on Giving Tuesday to match donations made to charities through the NEDDIE platform. On Giving Tuesday your donation can go further through this program.

Go to to find more causes helping families and supporting communities nationwide.

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