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6 Ways You Can Change A Life During The Holidays

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Numerous social and environmental issues are demanding our action right now. How do we overcome the challenges of today while effecting progress for tomorrow? Technology and innovation have helped expand traditional means of giving.

Here are some ways you can contribute now:

New Ways of Donating

Corporate responsibility programs are increasing, largely due to consumer demand for companies who demonstrate goodwill for greater good. This translates into more ways than ever to contribute and multiply your giving.

Shopping: One of the simplest ways to contribute to social impact is simply by being an educated consumer. Support companies who are environmentally and socially responsible. Many retailers will also donate a portion of proceeds to charitable causes. Find a store that contributes to a cause you support.

Wishlists: We use them on Amazon and other retail sites, and now nonprofits do too. See if your favorite charity has a wishlist from which you can help purchase items needed for their cause. For more information on wishlists and buying from companies who give back, check out this blog.

Matching gift programs: Many companies match donations made by their employees. Ask your HR department if yours is one of them.

Traditional Giving

With a growing list of ways to contribute, traditional means of donating are perhaps still the most popular. These include:

· Clothes

· Computers

· Food and other essential goods

· Monetary donations


Virtual Volunteering

With the help of technology, nonprofits have turned to virtual interactions and events as a means of sustaining their missions during the pandemic. Virtual volunteering is part of this trend. Opportunities to help can include website design or social media campaigning, legal aid, financial counseling, or mental health support or outreach. Work-from-home has provided new tools and methods for productivity. By leveraging this new knowledge, we can potentially provide even more assistance to nonprofit agencies who need it.

Social Media

Social media platforms are an increasingly popular way to stay informed about the issues affecting our communities, share vital resources, and contribute support.

As we have witnessed, social activism is alive and well on the Internet. Hashtag activism has fostered global support for #BlackLivesMatter,#MeToo,#ClimateChange, and many other issues facing the world today. Want to start a discussion about an issue you’re passionate about? It’s never been easier.


Of all the various ways to contribute to social impact, the constant between all of them is staying connected and engaged. It is only by being involved that you can begin to make meaningful contributions and effect positive change for yourself and your community. In a time of social distancing and lockdown, connection matters more than ever.


NEDDIE believes in the power of social impact collaboration. Join us and contribute, volunteer, and be part of a community dedicated to positive change. Find out more at

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